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TPU film for bullet proof glass
Auther: Pubdate:2019-07-18
 TPU film1)  Introduction:2)  Name:Thermoplastic poly urethane,which is the bes



 TPU film

1)  Introduction:

2)  Name:Thermoplastic poly urethane,which is the best interlayer films for laminated glass. The laminated glass by TPU film features high tensile strength, excellent climatic resistance, high transmittance and long useful life.


Three)     Advantages of TPU film:

1) High tensile strength and impact resistance.

2) High transmittance. The transmittance rate can reach 95%. No haze appears on the TPU laminated glass.

3) High climatic resistance. It can stand extremely low temperature to -50℃ and high temperature to 100℃; Excellent in UV block and aging resistance. It can block ultraviolet more than 90%.

4) Strong adhesion to glass and PC panel, which is very suitable for bullet-proof glass and architectural laminated glass.

5) Simple requirements for TPU laminated glass production environments. It can be produced by laminated glass equipment made by Fangding. Neither temperature and humidity controlled room nor pre-pressing machine is needed. It is processed in one step. Besides, it also can choose autoclave for production.   


 Two) Applications of TPU film:

  Bullet-proof glass: TPU film is strongly adhesive to PC panel and its UV-block rate can reach 95%. Compared to PVB and EVA film, it is much higher in tensile strength, better in aging resistance and longer in useful life.

 Laminated glass for architecture and curtain wall

  Windshield for cars, trains, military vehicles and ships

  Colorful laminated glass

   Switchable glass and LED laminated glass

      Solar PV panel laminated glass