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New tempered glass washing machine
Auther: Pubdate:2019-07-18
The leader new glass washing machine for laminated glassglass washing &drying machine is for cle

The leader new glass washing machine for laminated glass

glass washing &drying machine is for cleaning and drying flat glass and glass ceramic. With reliable performance, good cleaning effect, easy maintaining, convenient adjustment, this machine is not only suitable for normal glass cleaning, more suitable for tempered glass which has higher requirements on washing and drying. It is the best choice for glass processing enterprises.

The following procedures for glass washing:

This machine adopts horizontal type, combined with glass pass-in, washing (with three pairs of brushes up and down), water-absorption (with four pairs of foam sticks up and down), drying and glass passing-out. The glass washing & drying machine is easy to operate with good cleaning effect, reliable performance. The washing thickness of glass needs to be adjusted to the requirements of glass procedure, while the temperature in advance.

Rubber rollers in the washing section are processed by the grinding machine, so even the thin glass will not be broken.

All of the rubber rollers adopt stepless speed regulation.

Brushes drive adopts independent electronical chain driving, which drives smoothly and stably with low noise.

The shell of the machine is made of 1.2mm thick 201 stainless steel.

The machine is controlled by electric control cabinet.